The Faux Mansur Gavriel Bag


I’ve been obsessed with the Mansur Gavriel bag since I first saw it –I even did a post on it and a more affordable dupe- and I finally got my hands in a very much look a like one. It’s a faux one but let’s be honest, I would have to sell both kidneys and still be in debt to buy one authentic, and on the other hand, although I love the style and cut, I’m not sure about the leather thing..

The story behind the bag is rather funny, as I asked my brother to buy me this bag for my birthday. I wasn’t very sure about it, my brother is not the one to hit the nail on the head when it comes to presents, however when I unwrapped the present I was more than pleased. Not even pleased, shocked. It was it! It was black, the inside red and looked pretty much the same. Now don’t ask me where he got it because I don’t know, but I got a feeling he got it in some online shop.


It’s a stiff but easy to carry bucket bag, doesn’t have any inside pouches, it’s just a big hole where things can get lost very easily. It comes with a little detachable wallet which is pretty handy, and where I keep my keys and several cards. The strap is adjustable as well. I’ve been using it for a few months now and I love how it looks with my clothes.


Despite my love for this bag, it’s a bit small if I want to fit my computer or other blogging related stuff along with the usual things on it. And that’s when I remember the Zara City Office bag. Even if it feels like cheating, it will hunt me for the rest of my life the fact that I wasn’t brave enough to buy it. So although I have a newly purchased bag, I’m currently thinking of buying another one that hopefully will put an end to these problems. You can call me bag addict, I won’t say anything.

Would you like to buy a Mansur Gavriel bag if it was more affordable?

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