February Moodboard

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February is such a weird month. It sits there, in the middle of January and March, it’s still winter but you can also feel spring coming -it’s like the Monday of the months. Is also the month of love, but I’m single and apart from my family, so this does not make much sense to me..On January I started to really enjoy my yoga practise, so hopefully this month will be a month of improvement and growth. I know I say this too much, but I’m a bit obsessed with having a clear mind set and exercising is helping me so much –I actually think I would had gone crazy long ago if it wasn’t for it. I’m also looking forward the last month of cold, apparently according to my work mates there are only five more weeks of winter left in Malta and I only hope it’s true.

What do you expect this month?

2 thoughts on “February Moodboard

  1. Ly says:

    I have kind of the same thing with February. I tend to loose all my motivation in this month, because school starts again and it’s always hard.
    But drinking hot drinks, exercising, snuggling up in big blankets and reading a book helps a little.

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