The Malta Diaries #10: Ups And Downs

Malta Daries 10.jpg

January is over. I almost doubted myself when I looked at the calendar to check this out –twice- because it seems impossible that the first month of the year is actually gone..

This week has been a weird one, weird at work, weird in a personal sense too. This week I´ve been through one of the most silly yet harsh feuds of my life, where it has been the first time one person has disrespected me so much to the point of threatening me –maybe it was just a way of talking, maybe it wasn´t?- and to be honest I´ve also never felt so careless in my life. I was so shocked about it, the whole situation, that I couldn´t believe it. You know when something very bad happens but you are just in denial like this can´t be real, well that was me. I honestly could´ve laughed at them.

I didn´t even feel bad at all after the argument, if anything I felt pity for them, because I now know they are mean, evil in its complete meaning. I already had a feeling about it, but I thought it was just my imagination, now I know it´s real and I´m not crazy. The bad thing is that I will have to see their faces everyday for the next 6 months, the good thing is that as I don´t care about it at all, I can still be happy under the circumstances.

Onto the better things, I read Lily´s post about her bullet journal and felt in love instantly. It has inspired me to attempt on a kind of bullet journal to keep track of my blog stuff and also be more organised. This also led me to buy a couple of notebooks to keep in my bag so I never forget to buy toilet paper –it has happened.

Ready for a fresh start, until I realised February is love month, not sure if I want to go through it..

What were you up to this week?

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