A Morning Playlist

2016-01-15 02.31.55 3.jpg

I recently realised I’m kind of a morning person, probably due to the sleepless nights I’ve been going through –I deeply miss my bed. I love mornings, and even more since I’m in Malta, where I don’t have to care about what the weather will be next the next day: it’s always sunny. It can be cold –freezing, to be exact- but that rounded yellow thing is shining most of the days..It’s hard to wake up on a bad mood in those conditions, and even though I’ve always –and will always- loved sleeping, I’ve found myself actually enjoying getting up early. I tried to make this as a slow go with the flow mixtape, for those relaxed Sunday mornings where you can actually chill and spend hours having breakfast –me always.

So – Ed Sheeran

The Dead Sea – The Lummineers

Bloom – The Paper Kites

Upside Down – Goldford

Tourist – Yuna

Lemonade – Jeremy Passion

What´s your favourite wake up song?

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