The Best Of The Capricorn Horoscopes


Illustration by PaulaBlogs

Here’s a big confession: I’m a bit of an horoscope addict. I know, it’s crazy, off topic, and can lead to delusional situations but what can I do if I like to feed my mind with both insane and absurd predictions that will surely never happen. Then again a part of me is a strong believer too much and reading what my future will bring is rather amusing..

I should probably also state that I have always had miscellaneous thoughts on destiny, astrology whatsoever. Also, as a good Capricorn I like having things under control, and that cannot happen if I don’t know what’s going to happen.. –see what I’m trying to say? Horoscopes are not reliable –of course!!- but there’s something about reading them and imagining the things that I could potentially go through relieves me even if it’s just a little bit. And so, New Year screams for an annual horoscope reading sesh, a broad sight of what the months will maybe bring along. Please keep in mind I have only recapped Capricorn horoscopes because if I had to read every sign I could perfectly spend months on it, not that I would complain though..

The one from WhoWhatWear. That talks about in depth mind changes and suggests trying yoga to deal with all the changes.

The one from Refiney29. One of my favourites, that talks about romances and epic growth chances.

The one from Spanish astrology guru Esperanza Gracia. I could not end the post wihtout mentioning her. And according to her prediction all capriconrs will live a beautiful year specially on the love side..

All in all, every horoscope I´ve read agrees on the same: 2016 will be the year for meditation and work success. Love and relationships will be also playing an important role through the year. I mean, this sounds pretty good if it came true, doesn´t it?


For any horoscope lover fellas out there, what will the year be like for you? 

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