The New Catrice Mascara


I know mascaras is something so important in the beauty blogosphere but for me it´s just one of those products I don´t really care much about as long as I have one around. I´m not too fuzzy about them, probably because I was blessed with naturally long and curly lashes –thanks mum..

Usually one of the things I get compliments on –it´s normally fifty fifty between lashes and hair- and you know, being a hairy girl is not always that bad. But back to my lashes, I like to experiment with different mascaras, never settling down for any. When one is over, I just try to buy another one that I feel like trying unless I´ve liked it so much that I need a same one.

Before I run out from my current mascara, I decided to go ahead and buy a new back up one before a mascara-less make up situation could happen. I picked up this All Round Mascara Ultra Black from Catrice that apparently has everything I want: it´s super black, lengthens your lashes and also gives volume. Sold. It looks like the perfect mascara! Let´s cross fingers..

Have you ever tried any Catrice mascara?

2 thoughts on “The New Catrice Mascara

  1. Helena says:

    I use to use mascara, but so far, I didn´t find the most convenient for me, because throughout the day, they tend to leave dark shadows under the eyes… and this is just horrible!
    Let me know how your experience with this new mascara is ; )

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