What To Expect On Carlotarules This Year

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So January is coming to an end, and I think I quite mastered this New Year start. This month has been all about fresh beginnings, a few throwbacks and some not so usual resolutions for the upcoming months on the blog..

And that is the reason behind this post. I’ve been thinking of the direction I want to follow with my blog, the things I want to do in the future and all that exciting stuff that might be of your interest as well. Not that the changes will be radical, but I think they will help to make this little corner on the web a bit more personal where I will be able to grow with it.

Beauty posts will be coming your way as usual, after all that was the plan when I first started writing Carlotarules. However, lately I’ve been opening my mind and reading some great lifestyle blogs that have really inspired me to try different things. That’s why this year you will probably see more personal posts than usual, where I will be rambling about things probably nobody cares much about.

Hopefully this year will also be the year where I will be able to travel a little bit more, and will be able to spill every single detail for you. I actually have already planned a trip to Italy in the next months, but shh, don’t tell anyone yet..  As far as updating, posts will be coming your way as usual on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. No changes here.

What is this all about then? I’ve discovered I am rather passionate about writing, and deep down feel like that’s the path to follow right now. So I will be doing more of the same but better, if that even makes sense..

What are your plans for 2016?

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