22 Things I Learnt at 22

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Freshly turned 23, I´ve taken a peek back to last year to see where the things went wrong and where they were an absolute success. It doesn´t really feel much of a difference being 23, I just have to think well before I tell people my age and I must never forget that I´m still in my early  2o´s despite the older feeling. It was actually my sister the one that pushed me to write this post, so I will try my best to sum it up maybe –why not- using some of her help..

  1. Don´t stress about future, it will only make you tired and won´t solve anything.
  2. Give it time for things to happen.
  3. Don´t let anyone laugh at your dreams. They are yours and you can achieve anything you want in life.
  4. Always work hard.
  5. Living abroad can be difficult, take your time to adjust.
  6. Don´t change to please anyone. EVER.
  7. There´s nothing wrong about not fitting in, you will find your place soon.
  8. Roommates can be… difficult. Be patient.
  9. Being in peace with your body is the best thing you will experience in life.
  10. Exercise is good for you even if you feel like dying during your workout.
  11. Enjoy every moment with your family.
  12. Don´t wait for things to happen, make things happen.
  13. Sometimes is good to let yourself go.
  14. You don´t need to know everything.
  15. Time does really heal everything. The sun will still rise every single day even if you feel like it’s pouring rain.
  16. Believe in yourself more. You can do so many things, you are actually SO incredibly talented (yes, you are as good as anyone else) that you have to start acting like it.
  17. Cry as much as you have to. Cry when you are happy and cry when you are sad.
  18. Buy it. Spoil yourself every once in a while because you work your ass off and you deserve it.
  19. Don´t put up with anybody´s sh*t.
  20. Be kind.
  21. Love yourself. A lot.
  22. Be happy.

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