A Little Love For Minis


I love a good mini sample. You are able to test the product without spending too much money, you can toss them anywhere a.k.a about to burst travelling bags and they look cute. I´ve gathered my favourite ones so here is a little peek into the minis I always try to keep with me..

As you can see, almost half of the products featured are from Origins. And if you remember, my sister gave me two Christmas ago a little Origins kit which it contained the most famous products from the brand. My favourite ones are their Charcoal Clay Mask, the GinZing Eye Cream and the Modern Friction Scrub. Much love for all of them.

From Clarins, I have one sample of their famous Lip Perfectors in the shade 1 Rose Shimmer and the Moisture Rich Body Lotion. And while I love the lipgloss –it´s creamy, hydrating and doesn´t have that super glossy finish I´m not very keen on- I don´t know if the body cream is quite my cup of tea. It´s very moisturizing but the smell is something I can´t get used to so I think I would prefer going for another body cream instead.

Make up minis is something I love because they fit in every single bag out there no matter how small it is –even if I don´t usually carry any make up with me. The Clinique High Impact Mascara is probably my favourite one, I even keep two more samples of it just because I adore it. My eyelashes look big and dark, the kind of look I like. The Urban Decay liner is from the Urban Decay Naked On The Run palette. It´s a mini 24/7 Glide Eye in the shade Stray, which I believe is a limited edition only available with the palette (if not let me now!). It´s so soft and it literally takes me 30 seconds to draw my eyeliner with it.

Please, tell me if it´s just me who goes crazy for minis. Hope I´m not alone on this one..

What´s your favourite mini?

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