The Malta Diaries #8: Trying Yoga And New Things At Work

Malta Daries 7.jpg

I can´t believe the second week of January is gone already! Time has really flown this week, and I´m completely okay with that as I´m really looking for spring weather already. Things at work have been very busy this past week and I´ve been able to participate in a little project that was awesome..

I was ask if I could be an assistant on the project and help organize little bits here and there and I must say this week has been one of my favourite weeks at work since I started in early November. I was able to see the back of the scenes of how an event is organized, the problems you might face last minutes and how quick you have to think so that everything turns out perfect. That is definitely something I would like to be doing more often during this time in Malta.

As for fitness, I´m giving yoga a go lately and I´m so in love. It´s not my first attempt on yoga, I started last year but things came in the way and I stopped my practise –worst decision ever. Now yoga it´s my me time, where I can actually relax and feel all my muscles stretch which is so satisfying! Which leads me stretching, something I´ve been doing a lot lately –along with some yoga flows- and I can see so much difference, my body is much more relaxed and I can see an improvement in my workouts. Many things have happened this week..

What have you been up to?

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