My Word Of The Year: Stability

2016-01-02 01.49.48 1.jpg

I had never thought of something like this until I read Sophie’s post from The Private Life Of A Girl. I´ve never been a one word-ed girl, I like to express myself with as many words and sentences as possible. Also, I thought it was quite interesting the idea of simplifying all New Year Resolution´s in just one word, but I didn´t realize how much of a challenge this would be..

I have so many things on my mind lately that I even find it difficult to sleep sometimes. My mind is spinning one mile per second and I think this new year has brought me this energy that I´m clearly finding difficult to control. So I thought, what is the one thing I think about the most?

Blogging of course takes a big part of my mind, but not as much as what I will do when I finish my internship in Malta. Will I find another job? Will I be an employee better than just an intern eventually? So many questions. After all that mind wandering, it finally hit me. All I really crave this year is Stability. I want to settle down in my own place, have a more or less permanent job where I can continue to grow myself while I have time to live without the urge to take a plane when I want to visit my friends or family.

Stability sounds good for me right now. And I know I need some stability. Not only in my life, also in myself. Because my emotions have been playing with me a lot this past year and that´s not cool. The best thing of it is that unlike job stability, self stability is something I sort of can control. And this year might be the year I finally learn how to relax, that´s why I´ve been giving yoga and stretching a go lately. Who knows, this could be the start of something beautiful.

What´s your word of the year?

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