About Christmas Blues.

2016-01-10 12.55.59 1.jpg

It´s starting to look a lot like.. not Christmas. The festive season is gone now, and what do I have left? Well, the whole and long 2016, which it is something..

I was going to write a post with different thoughts of why I am depressed Christmas is gone, but then I realized I wasn´t that much sad about the holidays ending comparing to just a few days ago when I came back to Malta.

My first thought after arriving here was “what am I even doing here!”. I was missing my parents and my siblings, it´s hard to say goodbye because I know I will be missing daily little things that will only happen once. For example the welcoming to a new member in our family, a little dog my brother has adopted. And that kind of things are the ones that make me melancholic, because I really want to be there and pet the puppy and simply enjoy those moments.

But after the days passed, I understood not everything will be as bad as I thought. I will be travelling a bit more this year, and some friends will be coming to visit me here in Malta. I know where all this mini depression comes from, the thing is I feel kind of lonely sometimes, and that’s when I wish I was home.

Winter holidays are my favourite holidays, and I know I will always feel nostalgic when they finish, as I would like to stop time in those days to cherish every second of them. But I can´t do that –yet..- so I will patiently wait for the next Christmas while I enjoy looking at past photos like a little granny remembering the old days. Thinking about the future months and making plans for summer is also helping me a lot through this transition –yep! already thinking about summer!-. Because what´s left after Christmas? Summer, we all know that. And honestly I have already applied for some jobs for next October, it´s never too soon to start planning..

Any tips to overcome Christmas Blues?

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