The Malta Diares #7: Back In Malta

Malta diaries 7.jpg

Starting the new year in Malta wasn´t near my plan at all but guess what? Here I am, probably until summer. Crazy if you think of it, how things change and how you never know what your life is taking you. Apart from all this destiny related rambling start, I just want to tell you about my first week here..

My flight departure from Madrid, so I had to take a bus from Bilbao to Madrid. This wasn´t too bad, I watched a lovely film – The time travellers wife, if you´re wondering- and I arrived in the airport at 00:30 in the morning. The good stuff started there as I had to spend the night on the airport until my flight leaved at seven in the morning.

And if you haven´t spent a night in the airport and think it could be funny, or even a nice experience, well absolutely not. I mean maybe if you have company, it could be less worse, but I was alone, and bored but most of all super tired. I end up falling asleep for what I believe were two –maybe three?- hours and was awake almost all night. I was literally falling asleep everywhere, my eyes were so heavy I think I´ve never been that tired in my life.

On top of all, my flight left late (almost half an hour!) and I was on the edge of having a craziness attack. When I arrived in Malta, at least it was sunny and warm, but I had to carry my suitcases which wasn´t that good. I went straight to my office, which I thought I would regret but my boss happened to be there so I think I made the good choice hehe. I left the office earlier than usual, and when I arrived home, I went straight to my room, tossed the suitcases and laid on the bed to cry all of the tension out.

The morning after I felt almost refreshed, not much but at least I was able to sleep in my bed and was cozy. The rest of the week has not been very busy, which I haven´t mind as I´m still not 100% feeling rested. Busy days, huh?

What was your week like?

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