Happy New Year!


I know I´m a terrible blogger as I´ve barely being active on twitter and there was no post on Tuesday. It´s a new year, so please bear with me. New Year, new problems, new experiences to live and I´m waiting for everything to come..

This week was amazing. I met my friends, whom I missed very much. I laughed till my cheeks hurt and my abs where sore. They are just great and I know I will be missing them during my time in Malta. I actually have been very busy the past days, getting things ready for my upcoming trip and New Year’s Eve. Speaking of, I had so much fun that night.

I met my uni bff Gemma, the one featuring in the photo above (please excuse my duck face, I blame it on the tequila shot I had earlier) and we had a lovely catch up of everything. It was almost six months we hadn´t seen each other –mental! She´s the best and I wish we could see each other more often.

I feel like this will be a short post, ´cause right now the only thing I can think of is the months I have ahead living in Malta. Don´t get me wrong, Malta is kinda good, but after spending two weeks at home.. you know the deal. Christmas blues are certainly doing their job.

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