New Years Eve Pamper Menu


Let´s all forget the fact that is December 31st and I don´t even know how it happened. Last day of the year, crazy. I will leave Christmas blues for another post and focus all my attention on the calm before the storm. And I mean it that way, as I know today is probably one of the worst days to go out..

I like to start my pamper routine with a good shower, and for the body I love this pineapple and coconut oil body wash by Original Source which smells like angels and rainbows. It´s really moisturizing as well, but I´ve been struggling with really dry skin at the moment, and the only thing that works for me is Johnson & Johnson’s body oil that I swear by. I especially like their chamomile one, it absorbs really quickly and I can get dressed right after I put it on.

As for the hair, I usually go for the shampoo I have near me, but what I´ve been loving recently is this Aussie 3 Minute Rescue hair mask. It transformed my hair from damaged and frizzy to soft and strong in just one use, it´s just great. I don´t normally do anything too fancy on my hair, just straighten it a little bit and I´m ready to go. To finish the look I like using a bit of argan oil as where I live the weather is so humid –most likely my hair will end up looking crazy frizzy anyways. I usually go for one from Primark that is nice and leaves my hair feeling soft and shinny.

As I told you my skin has been so dehydrated lately –I think stress and bad sleeping habits are the ones to blame- so I´ve been using Una Brennan´s Superfacialist Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil that is so fabulous, and my skin has thanked me for that. The dry patches are gone and it´s not tight anymore. You know my love for face masks, and H&M has upgraded the game with their new beauty launch. My choice for the night is Dragon Fruit, an exfoliating mask that makes my skin soft.

On my nails, there´s no surprises here. Red will be the choice and there´s no coming back. This time I´m going for Mary Kay´s polish in the shade Mulberry Forest, a glittery deep red that is perfect for the party season.

Whoah, that was long! But I swear this doesn’t take me more than two hours. Okay, maybe three hours but is the last day of the year we all deserve some self love..

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