The Malta Diaries #6: Christmas

2015-12-27 07.45.04 1.jpg

Happily writing this post at my home, let me tell you Christmas this year was all kinds of awesome. I eat at the food possible, spent time with my family and my birthday presents were so good I don´t even know where to start..

I had time to do lots of things. I spent two days in Madrid with my sister –I will probably pop a post about it soon- and it was so much fun! It was time for us to have a relaxing trip, just both of us enjoying being alone in a city. I miss her so much in Malta, so having her for myself for two days straight was great. I must admit we also had some little arguments but hey, that´s what sisters do, right?

After that short hiatus, we came back home and I can´t even explain how happy I was and am to be here. I feel happy and relaxed, being with them is like a therapy for me. Also, yesterday I celebrated my birthday with my friends and I couldn´t stop laughing all night long. They are probably the best people and I´m grateful I have them in my life. They even gave me a that was the success of the night to be honest.

There´s still one week in Bilbao to go and just between you and me I don´t think I´ll be ready to board on the flight. I´ll let you know..

What was the best for you in Christmas?

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