Blogmasrules #4: The Day After

2012-12-24 21.31.55_Aladin_Glitter.jpg

That´s it, we are officially on Christmas. Yesterday and Christmas Eve was so amazing, and I had more I could ever have dreamt of. I was eager to spend some quality time with my family and this week has not been disappointing at all..

The dinner was delicious as usual, lots of food was on the table and I was happy to be home again. My mum prepared our favourite dishes so I don´t think anyone could ask for more. My family is quite small on Christmas, it’s just my mum, dad, sister and brother but that´s all I need to be honest.

As usual, we waited until twelve o´clock in the morning to starting sharing our birthday gifts, because it was our birthday on Christmas! I know, it´s great, we have lots of gifts and everyone enjoys this moment very much. I got a lot of things that could possibly be enough to make at least three or four hauls but don´t worry because I will give you all the details on the blog very soon..

So it´s December 26th right now, I´m sitting in front of my computer writing this and I can´t help but feel a little depressed about the fact that my birthday is gone and I am a year older. This happens every time after my birthday, so I know this feeling will be gone almost in a blink of an eye. For now, I will continue enjoying Christmas time with my family as I only have only one more week here..

Blogmasrules is over! It was great writing it and I want to thank everyone that stopped by and read the posts. THANK YOU!

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