Christmas Make Up Menu


Make up in Christmas is probably my favourite along with summer inspired make up. I feel like everything is allowed, and as a big glitter lover I can´t wait to dip myself into a huge bowl of glitter so I can shine as bright as a diamond. And although that would be cool, I don´t think my mom would be okay with having shimmer everywhere, so I´ll just stick to my eyes instead..

For the base, just use what you feel comfortable with. I´ve been using my Bourjois Healthy Mix Sereum Foundation  in the shade 52 and it´s a really nice match for my skin. Is very natural and gives a nice coverage. I can´t assure it lasts 16 hours ´cause I haven´t wear foundation for that long but it definitely is long lasting.

For my eyes I´d just use the most shimmery eye shadow I own, which is probably this one by Wet and Wild Colour Icon Glitter Single in the shade Brass which is the most gorgeous eye shadow ever. It´s not like your usual eye shadow, it doesn´t have any colour to it, it´s just glitter –genius. I apply this after I´ve finished my eye make up for a more flashing effect and it´s gorgeous. It lasts forever and you will probably find glitter fly abouts on your body weeks after.

Last but not list, lips. And this might be the most exciting category as I own quite a lot of lip products that could fit any look you’re looking for, but just because it´s Christmas I´ve gone for the reds to match Santa´s Clothes in the hopes he grants my wishes. Now I don´t usually use lipsticks, I find lip liners are much easier to use and I can be more precise with them. My favourites are Essence´s ones, and here I have Red Blush and Honey Berry, which both have a more berry undertone. First day of winter, ready to rock any festive party.

 What´s on your Christmas make up menu?

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