The Malta Diaries #5: Honeys I´m Home!

2015-12-18 06.59.34 1.jpg

…sort of. As you read this I´ll be probably enjoying a pretty much deserve  two day trip to Madrid with my sister as you probably now unless you are new here –shout out for new readers tho. I will be enjoying the city, doing lots of sightseeing and eating my weight on tapas. Which all sound perfect to me..

And you can as well imagine the pain that has been watching the days go by slowly but yet study, although the wait has been worthy. My sister is just.. the best. And it has been ages since we did our last trip together so yeah why not take the chance. However my ramblings, not everything has been that bad.

I´ve been pretty busy this week at work, but my boss sent me an email saying thank you for my effort on it so I can´t complain. Sometimes I forget I´m just an intern and I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself. I don´t know everything but that´s what I´m working for, to learn new things and get better at the things I already know. Also, the team I work with is fantastic, everyone is so nice with me which has made everything easier.

On Thursday things got more interesting since we had a Christmas lunch at the Smart City in Malta and Oh. My. God. I´m not lying if I tell you I have never eaten that well ever. Actually I´m eating so much since I arrived in Malta is ridiculous. We had so many appetizers I was already full before the main dish but how do I say no to more food –it would be so rude. The team organized a secret Santa too, and I got the softest scarf ever which I will be wearing all winter until it´s so hot I melt under it.

Anyways, there´s only one week left for Christmas people. ONE WEEK. Stay calm. STAY CALM.

What was your week like?

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