Blogmasrules #3: A Favourite.

IMG_20150424_151727.jpgRound three of #blogmasrules, this is really coming to an end! Okay, we still have next weekend left but I’m loving it so much I don’t want it to finish. But let’s just stop the moaning and begin with this weeks propmt: a favourite. Such a general thing, isn’t it? I’ve got lots of favourites, of course, my favourite place, my favourite piece of makeup, my favourite food -surely I have lots of favourites for that- but today’s favourite is nothing but a film..

A Christmas film, as it couldn’t be any other way. It’s titled Stepmom and although the name may make you want to take a step backwards and dislike it before you even see it, I just must confess this is one of my favourite movies ever. I only like to see on Christmas though, because it’s so special to me that I only let myself enjoy it in this time.

Susan Sarandon, Julia Roberts and Ed Harris star on it so I basically don’t need anything else to say. Also, a very young Jena Malone who you might recognise from The Hunger Games and that is an absolute babe in this play. I love the film, everything on it is perfect. I don’t want to tell you much about it because I want you to see for yourself, tucked up with your blanket while drinking some hot cocoa surrounded by a few tissues, because you will cry. You must cry while watching this film. And without speaking too much too soon, I will say that my favourite scene from the film is when Susan Sarandon and her kids dance to Marvin Gaye’s and Tammi Terrell’s song Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, which I even got as my ring tone.

The worst part of it is the title, which sucks. The English version, though. Because in Spanish it would be something like Stay by my side, a much appropriate description of the film. I honestly don’t know when I first saw the film, but I know that it’s become a ritual for Christmas for me and my sister to watch it. It´s just so cosy to see, the settings are incredibly beautiful, and all of the outfits on the film are so on point. I would literally live in that movie forever.

What is your favourite thing of Christmas?

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