Winter Fragances: Zara Nuit


Although technically we are still in autumn, and the cold weather has not made an appearance yet, I’m already in winter a.k.a Christmas mode. So I did the best thing I could think of: go through my mum’s stash and look for some perfume that smelled (more or less) like winter..

I found her new purchase, a Zara perfume called Nuit, and just a little sniff was enough to make me love it just a little bit. It comes in a minimal burgundy 100ml bottle, with golden details. It has bergamot, strawberries, rosewood, vanilla & amber notes, and this is the furthest I will go as to describe the scent –I’m a little noob on this area. However, what I can say is that it may be a bit heavy at first, but then it slowly disappears to leave a subtle scent. I actually think it smells kind of fruity after a while, kind of berry-ish. I feel like this is perfect for cold days and although I don’t usually wear perfumes, when I smell it on my mum it always reminds me that I have to use it more! Which also reminds me I should take a look at my mum’s stash more often..

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