The Malta Diaries #4: La Valletta


What I told you last week was real –I´ve been listening to All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey more time than I´d like to admit. I´m deep down into December and holidays and I don´t think there´s any way of stopping this situation. I´ve been very happy this week for so many reasons, but the main one is that there´s only one week left until I see my sister in Madrid and I get to see my family again..


And although it hasn´t been too long since we haven´t seen each other almost two months, I´ve kind of missed them, specially my sister who is my partner in crime for everything.


But on to last week, we went to La Valletta, Malta´s capital. It was much different from the last time I went there almost five? years ago. There is a new parliament, and a new entrance to the city. I really liked it, and one of the main reasons might have been that the streets were completely flooded with Christmas stuff and lights and also there was Christmas music playing everywhere through speakers –how genius is that?

PC050048.JPGI will admit I was bit overwhelmed by everything, too much people wandering the streets and as we hadn´t planned the trip we were kind of lost on what we wanted to say. However it was great to see the city in fully festive mode.


Last thing, I thought of giving you an update of what is going to happen during Christmas holidays on Carlotarules. I´ll be blogging as usual on Tuesdays, Thursdays and weekends, hopefully. I don´t know if I will maintain The Malta Diaries while I´m in Bilbao though, we´ll have to wait and see lol. Also, I´m not sure if I will take some days free of blogging.. I might not because this year both Christmas and New year´s Eve are on Friday –the first day of the year, I mean- so there´s no apparent reason for me not to blog..

Are you excited for Christmas holidays!!??

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