Blogmasrules #2: Wishing.

2015-12-06 01.53.53 1.jpg

The idea behind this new prompt was to share with you my Christmas wishlist. But then I started thinking, what do I really wish? I mean yes, a few make up bits here and there would be fine, and I could definitely use some new skincare as my skin is feeling really tight and dry at the moment..

However, I won’t be able to take with me all those things after I come back from Christmas holidays as I´m not checking any luggage on my flight –which was already expensive enough. And really, it was my mother´s fault this entire mind change, because she was the one asking me what I wanted for my birthday and Christmas, and I didn´t know what to say.

I do know what I want, but it´s nothing she can buy and give  to me. This will sound more like a New Year´s resolution than anything, but the fact is that the one thing I wish for Christmas is to find a job in Madrid and be able to settle down there for at least one year. And probably some of you will think “Hey! You are living in Malta, don´t complain!”, but actually living in Malta was never my “dream” whereas living in Madrid has always been dancing in the back of my mind. All of my friends know this, and my family is probably sick of listening to me rambling about how much I desire to live and work there –yet they still love me, apparently.

I wish for a life in Madrid, but really deep down I know that what I really wish for is a life in my country, more or less near my family. I was always one those people that would crave life in another country, living in a fancy apartment and going to chic places for breakfast, but after my own experience abroad I don´t think I´m made for that life. I like my family close. I like hugging my mom at any moment in the day. I like eating my dad´s dinner on a Friday night. I like going out for lunch with my sister. I like joking with my brother. And right now I can´t have any of these. Sure I won´t have that if I go to Madrid, but I´m closer to them than I would be from any other place in the world.

Is not much to wish, is it? I think I´ve kept it quite simple, I just want a job, a cute apartment and Madrid. I will probably make it, don´t know if it´ll be this year, or next. Or maybe in two years time. But I know I will be living and working in Madrid at some point in my life. And maybe I hate it, but maybe I fall in love with it. And if everything turns out as planned in my mind, the latter has more possibilities to win. I should probably end the post with a line resuming all of the above so that Santa doesn’t have to do much reading –I know he´s busy this time of the year. I wish for a successful life in Madrid.

What do you wish for?

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