Gift Guide Bonus: For The Art Lovers

BeFunky Collage2.jpg

I’m really happy to share with you a different gift guide this year. Art and journaling has been something I have discovered late this year so I just thought I would bundle some of the things I would love as Christmas presents.. Also, I just know my sister will absolutely love this as she is the one to blame for this sudden obsession in journaling and all things artsy and edgy. However, it would probably be a bad idea to show her this guide as I might give here some ideas of what I will be buying her for her birthday. So lets just keep it between you and me for now..

Classic Moleskine Notebook, Lefranc & Bourgeois Watercolours, Etsy Print, Gold Polka Dot Washi Tape, Rayban Round Glasses, Nouvelle Daily Gold Notebook

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