The Malta Diaries #3: Starts To Fell A Little Bit Like Christmas..


Finally, December is here, which means I can safely listen to Christmas carols without my flatmate judging me –yes! I am so happy about it, my first month in Malta has gone by so quickly, and now all I can think of is my coming trip to Madrid with my sister and enjoying the holidays at home..

Streets in Malta have slowly dressed up for Christmas, with lots of lights and crèches. I love seeing the lights and I can already feel the Christmas spirit running through my body. And for those like me who thought winter was just a tale in Malta, let me tell you it´s not. These past weeks it has been incredibly windy, rainy and cold I haven´t even had the chance to miss my hometown because guess what? We have the same weather here! I may have to clarify that I´m the typical person that is always cold even when it´s warm, but that´s just a minor detail..

Also, this week I had a workshop with my office team at Gozo and it was incredible. I had such a great time, it was interesting and entertaining, and we eat food. So. much. food.

 What about you? Are you as excited as I am for Christmas?

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