Blogmasrules #1: Me And Christmas.

2015-11-30 11.27.07 1.jpg

I’d be lying If I told you I haven’t thought about this many times in my life. Why do I love Christmas? But actually, does one really need to have a reason to love Christmas though?..

And the thing is I don’t know why I love it so much, but I know why it is so special to me. If you don’t know it yet, I was born on December 25th , so I’m pretty much a Christmas child. I guess it all started there. Through the years, my love for winter grew bigger to the point this season is my favourite one of the year. I love cold days at home, I love Christmas carols, I love Christmas movies, and I love the whole “spend some quality time” with your family thing.

But back to the topic, I think that what really made a difference on this obsession was the first time me and my sister started to give each other presents for our birthdays. And it may seem a little materialistic, but it isn’t at all. Because the thing about that day was that we both had agreed to buy something for each other, but I totally forgot  about it. And my sister didn’t *wins prize for best sister in the world*. I mean we were only thirteen and barely had enough money to buy a chocolate bar, but I swear it was such a surprise for me I think that birthday was one of my favourite ones.

With the years I’ve realized that yes, when you are a child you enjoy Christmas like no other thing, but when you are older you are also more mature and can make better memories about everything because to be honest, I can’t even remember what I ate yesterday to even remember what 98’s Christmas were like. In fact, thank god for those sneaky pictures of my siblings and I my parents took that make unforgettable what 90’s fashion was all about

However, about my childhood memories, I just had to share with you the pic above because just look at me. Look at that chubby but very happy- face of an 8¿? year old me sitting on one of the Three Wise Men’s lap I’m assuming that was Melchior. I just love this pic so much, and when my mother showed it to me I couldn’t stop laughing because look. at. that. face. It’s just too much cuteness to handle, so naïve. I mean it’s happiness in one image! I was clearly having a great time there, and would love to go back in time to see this moment again. I don’t know, even just thinking about that moment makes my eyes watery as I’m typing this. I’m such a crybaby, I know

This is everything for first day of Blogmas, hope you all liked it! Also, don’t forget to tag me (@carlotarules) or use the hashtag #blogmasrules if you are doing blogmas too, I’d love to read it! And cry a little bit more, why not.. 

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