Top Fall/Winter LookBooks


Winter related things will start to flood this blog for the next few months. You already know how obsessed I am with everything winter-y, so this topic is just a gift for me to talk about. I’ve been having a moment with YouTube lately, falling in love with it again and watching endless fashion, make up and vlog videos on endless nights.. 

I know this may be coming a bit out of topic considering we’re already deep in November, but to be honest cold weather has only started to show up just now -even in Malta. So enough talking and lets get

Helen Anderson. I love this lookbook for many reasons. One, I love her edgy style. Two, she looks like a diva in her 5th outfit. Three, it’s always good to see a lookbook that is not what I would go for.

The Line Up. Two for the price of one is always a good deal. Julia’s and Maya’s videos are always so beautiful to watch! I loved Maya’s forth look and Julia’s first one, although I got a feeling that they were not wearing enough clothes for that snowy weather..

Maryjosiecom. The kind of looks I would definitely wear. Love everyone of them, specially the first one -that H&M hat needs to be mine asap.

ToThe9s. Well this is technically not a lookbook and is not even from this year –my bad– but I just could not ignore it. Considering everything they show in the video is still on fashion right now, is amazing to see how fashion doesn’t change as much as what we think.

 What about you? What’s your favourite fall winter lookbook?

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