The Malta Diaries #2: The Point


I feel like it’s always the same start but here we go: second week in Malta completed! Not many interesting things have happened this week however I´m slowly getting used to this place, its people and its traffic..


Seriously though, traffic in Malta is absolutely terrific. There´s not a single day it goes without me witnessing an almost car crash –fortunately this hasn’t happened yet. Also, another thing it’s bugging me a little bit is the fact that it gets dark at 5 in the evening, and it´s so confusing (I can´t help but think it´s 10 at night but it´s actually tea time).


This weekend I wandered a little bit more around Sliema only to end up in the shopping mall The Point. And maybe you are thinking “why don´t you do more sightseeing apart from your city?” and look, after doing two hours of bus everyday to go and come back from work, the last thing I want is another bus trip on my free days.. Although I don´t rule that option out in a near future. So, back to The Point, I was there before some years ago with my sister and I feel like it hasn’t change much. You can find a little bit of everything there, luxurious fashion brands, high street ones such as Oysho or Mango. There are also a couple of supermarkets and a lot of places to take a bite or relax. The only thing I’ve missed is a restaurant where I can properly eat and then continue shopping.


The surroundings are beautiful, as you can see on the photos, and from where I live (near Balluta Bay) it takes approximately 45 minutes I´d say? –not sure. But if you don’t fancy some walking there are also a lot a buses that can take you there (I think X2, 12,13 are some of them). So, what have you been up to this week?

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