Top Pages To Procrastinate

2015-11-21 03.28.22 1.jpg There’s nothing I love more than reading blogs, and now even more with winter around the corner –okay maybe not “around the corner” but almost. Sometimes, I just need a break from all beauty and fashion reads, and sometimes –why not admit it- I just get bored from doing blog work and get caught on some non blogging related reads. I’ve been enjoying some webs recently that I thought I’d share with you. So get comfortable with a cup of tea and let’s start..

Buzzfeed. Hands down one of the most hilarious webs around the internet. I can literally spend hours there, starting on the evening and finishing at two o´clock at night. Their videos are the best. This one discussing whether cats or dog are better really cracked me up.

Manreppeler. Hands down one of my favourite places to visit when I want some fashion inspo mixed with fun. Leandra Medine´s writing is beautiful, and so is the other writers’ that contribute to the site. Here is men trying the no-makeup makeup look..

Elite Daily. Elite Daily really nails the love advice section, but they also do some funny articles. Honestly this one about North West is just perfect. And this one about pizza being everything –it really is.

I think I could happily live reading this sites along with some chocolate biscuits and a cosy blanket on my sofa. What about you? Where do you spend your time when you want to disconnect?

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