Closet Essentials: The Black Uniform Trousers


So this is the first time I’ve owned a pair of masculine trousers. And they are black. Kind of a dream come true, isn’t it? I’ve always wanted a pair like these, but they were always too loose, or too long, until I found these Zara ones..


I find that these double fabric trousers are perfect for everything. They can be casual but you can also dress them up, which is why everyone needs a pair of these in their life. They are very comfortable, a bit stretchy and have two pockets on the sides that really fit my body. As they are black, you can literally pair them with anything. I’ve been wearing them with knits and a pair of oxford shoes, but you can also wear them with a loose cami or top for a more formal look.


I’m so happy about this purchase, and feel like a total business woman when I wear them. Tell me, what’s your working uniform?

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