Three Hand Creams To Try This Winter


Winter is coming but also that time of the year when my hands freeze to the point I can’t move them. Not sure if that will likely happen in Malta, however, since I will be home for Christmas, I will be freezing at some point this winter. I’ve gathered some of my favourite hand creams to give you three options for any situation but with one thing in common: your hands will always be as soft as a baby’s face..

The one good for your purse. H&M have launched their new beauty line and my goal is to try everything. I talked a little bit about it recently, but it wasn’t until now that I’ve put it to test. Their Caribbean Crush hand cream is great, smells like Caribbean and fruits and keeps my hands on point. It feels a bit tacky at first but once absorbed you can’t feel anything. Very impressed for just 3,99€!

The one that fits any bag. From a couple of months until now I’ve managed to keep my bags small and tidy. There’s not much room for anything that’s not important really, so I have to think very well what does or doesn’t make the cut. The Origins Rejuvenating Hand Treatment is great, smells great and keeps my hands super soft.

The All in One. For an all rounder product, go for the Neutrogena Hand and Nail cream, not the best smelling one of the three but it does the job.

But now to the real question. WHO’S READY FOR CHRISTMAS?!!?!

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