Two From Origins


Travelling to Malta has been quite the challenge for my beauty stash. Downsizing all my skincare to something “toiletry bag” appropriate has been difficult, although I know I will be buying some things here. However, for the first few days where the only trips have been from work to my house and vice verse, I have carried with me this Origins duo that have been my skin saviours..

Morning cream is something I never miss. Whether I’m going out or just staying in, I always end up my skincare routine slapping on some moisturizer. Right now I’m using Origin’s GinZing Energy boosting moisturizer and girls, I love it. It’s very light and smells like oranges, which is very refreshing in the morning. It awakes my skin and gives it a good looking glow that is always welcome.

If I’m honest, I’m not much into night creams. I usually just use something like the avene cicalfate cream for my dry patches and if I have a pesky pimple I would just use my Origins spot remover but that’s all. Recently, though, I’ve been quite into this Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins cream. It’s very rich and hydrating without been greasy, and like everything from origins, it smells absolutely delicious. It also leaves my skin incredibly soft, and after using it for a few days I can feel my skin in better condition than before.

Two is better than one, they say. What is your favourite skincare duo?

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