New Wardrobe Addition: Pull And Bear Boots


Finally, the” comfy but yet chic” boot limbo has turnt into heaven with my newest wardrobe addition: some camel colour Pull and Bear boots..

I have been a boot converted for a while but I still had a gap that fitted the description above, and trust me the search has not been easy at all. I loved –and still do- Anna’s Ash Boots, but the price is something I was totally not okay with. So my mum saw these boots while shopping and I immediately thought they were the ones. They are cute, comfy and did not hurt my feet at all. They have the slightest heel, just enough to give you a little lift. It has gold details and the cutest pompon on the back. I swear I could walk miles in them. They look good with shorts, tucked up jeans, dresses –see? they are the perfect ones! The price, also dreamy. I will forever thank my mum for this.


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