Prepping For Life Abroad: The Malta Edit


Just 24 hours to land in Malta. Easy to say, huh? I’m kind of excited to arrive there, see the city, my workplace, a little bit of everything really. As I’ve been packing my life away throughout this week, I thought I’d share with you some tips, important things to keep in mind and a some kind of living abroad advise for you..

Check with the doctor. Do you need any medicines? Will you need them? Try to keep all things listed so you don’t forget anything important, and always pack ibuprofen. You never know when you will need it.

Check with the bank. You will obviously need money for your everyday expenses (groceries, buses..) Is it enough with your all time credit card from your bank, or could it be better to have a bank account on your country of destiny? Commissions on cash points are also something to keep in mind. Commissions everywhere are something to keep in mind, actually.

Check your suitcase. One of the main points of every trip. Over packing is incredibly easy and even easier when you will be spending months abroad. Try to think simple, because you will probably need both winter and summer clothes. Remember there is always the option of shopping once you arrive in your destiny, but don’t forget you will have to return one day –and you only have one suitcase!

Check your maps. I suppose one of the first things we all do when we are going somewhere is look for that place on google maps. Now if you can, take your time to do an intense research on things that can interest you in your new neighbourhood, such as supermarkets, gyms..

Check with yourself. Sometimes we are so worried about how it is going to be our life abroad that we don’t really think of the big step that it means to leave your life behind. I know, you want the change and that’s all right, but I just want to remind you that it’ll be okay if the first days you feel a bit out of the place. It’s completely normal and it happens to the best of us.

Starting a new life in another place (either abroad or in your own country) can be a bit terrifying and stressful, but don’t worry; this is one of the only situations where time really heals everything.

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