The Weekender 19#: Drive In Cinema And Concerts

weekender 19

You know when you would like to kill some children but apparently is “illegal”? Well, this week has been kind of that. The children I babysit have misbehave soo badly I was on the edge of entering rehab, but at least know I can finally understand Sideshow Bob for trying to catch Bart every single Halloween..

I will not only blame the kids though, my boss is also one of a kind. However those problems, I’ve made the most of my children free weekend to enjoy it with my friends. On Friday we went to a drive in cinema in Algorta and it was amazing! We saw Pan (starring a very unrecognisable Hugh Jackman) and I must say it was the loveliest film ever. The actors were great, the film was so sweet, and we were all really sad we are grownups now and there’s no chance we can ever go to Never land.

Saturday was time for more friends and more fun. We went to see some friends’ band Debajo Del Paraguas and they were amazing! Their original songs were soo good, they seriously have the skills –I even almost cry at one of them..

Time to get a bit emotional, as this is my last weekender in Bilbao *sobs* I’m travelling to Malta on Friday so next weekend I will be writing this blog from there! What were up to this weekend?

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