My Desk Side Beauty


If there is something I can’t help but do when I’m working on my blog is to procrastinate. I’m a great procrastinator if I do say so myself. I try to keep my working desk as clean and organized as possible to avoid any kind of distraction, but I always keep is some go to beauty products to hand so I don’t have an excuse to stand up and go straight forward to the fridge for a not necessary snack..

Hand cream is an essential and I always keep my Neutrogena Hand and Nail cream is my favourite at the moment. Is light and it absorbs very quickly, yet it leaves my hands soft and nourished. It smells like cream –if that even makes sense- that even smell weirdos like me can handle. Still, my cuticles need an extra punch of moisture –they’ll forever look drier than the Sahara desert- so this Deliplus Cuticle Treatment serves as the perfect remedy for super dry cuticles. It’s a rich cream that turns into an oil and makes everything look better. The only thing that I would add is a little brush so I can dab the cream into my fingers without having to rub it myself, typing with greasy fingers is not very chic.

Lip products are not only a must on my bag but also on my desk, and Liposan’s Vanilla and Macadamia lip butter is the one I’ve been using for the past months. It smells heavenly and hydrates the lips, can’t think of a better combination. If I have to spend too many hours in front of my computer, I then like to have some candles burning and know even more in fall.

As I usually work on my blog from home I don’t usually wear makeup, and if I do, I can quickly retouch it by going through my stash. Also, this means I can wear pyjamas all day every day. Can’t think of anything better.

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