Catrice Camouflage Cream Concealer Review


These past months I’ve been a no makeup make up convert. The weather has been hot and wet, the worst combo possible for a flawless base. I’ve been using concealer for almost everything to conceal on my face. Dark circles? Check. Redness around my cheeks? Check. That lil’ bastard blemish near the mouth? Vanished. The Catrice Camouflage Cream Concealer is an all rounder that has not left my side ever since I bought it some months ago..

It has become one of my favourite concealers, in fact at the moment this is the only one I own. It’s a heavy duty concealer, comes in a little plastic pot and is small enough to take it on a trip with you –god bless travel friendly packages. It comes in three shades (Ivory, Light Beige and Rosy Sand), and the one I got is Rosy Sand, a shade between the other two, with peachy undertones. It works wonders on my under eyes and any blemishes, as stated above. It’s quite thick in consistency but creamy at the same time, making it very easy to blend and work with. As it is very heavy, I try not to use it over dry patches, as it can cling a little bit around those areas.

About the coverage, is awesome. It can cover anything and you can build it up. Obviously you have to be careful with this kind of products as it can look a bit cakey if applied to much –not surprises here, it happens with the best ones too. The downs? There are only three shades available so darker skin tones won’t even have the chance to try it.

They don’t sell online but you can search their web to find your nearest shop to buy it. For less than 4€ I think it’s worth the try. What’s your favourite drugstore concealer?

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