A Quick Recipe: Fig Jam


Confession: figs can probably be my favourite fruit ever. Apart from watermelon. And apart from strawberries. And custard apples. Love those. But figs, figs are my weakness. Now is the perfect season to eat them and my aunt was kind enough to make us some fig jam, 100% natural..

Here is what you need:

– 1 kg of Figs

– 300 grs of Brown Sugar

– ½ Lemon

Start by separating the pulp and tossing it into a big sauce pan and simmer. Add the brown sugar and stir until everything is blended. Do this for about 15 minutes. Bring it into a boil for one hour or until a thick consistence and add the lemon juice. Don’t worry if it’s not too thick, it will thicken when it cools. Let it cool and pour it into some jars. 1 kg of figs will fill approximately four jars of the size you can see on the photo. To keep them for future usage, pour the jam into a jar leaving some space at the top, close thoroughly and boil them for about half an hour. You can try and see if there is no air inside the jars by trying to open them.

And voilà! You will be eating fig jam all year. Thank me later.

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