H&M Beauty Haul


After a non planned blog hiatus, I’m here again! I’ve missed blogging but I’m back hopefully to stay. While I was out and about and not blogging, I did a couple of purchases, and here are some of them –as you may have seen on my instagram @carlotarules. H&M launched a month ago their new beauty range and it’s incredibly beautiful..

They have redesigned all the packages –which are gorgeous, with golden details- and have also launched some new products, like the ones you can see on the photo above. I decided to pick up two face masks, as I love trying one time usage masks. I went for the Dragon Fruit exfoliating mask and the Bearberry and White Daisy brightening mask. I haven’t tried them yet but as soon as I do I will report back. Last I picked up their Caribbean Crush hand cream which smells ah-mazing. I will be definitely checking back, because their hair line looks rather interesting. Actually, everything looks great and I wanna try it all, not gonna lie.


Have you tried anything from their new line?

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