Did I Find My Perfect Lipstick?


I think so. A time from here I’ve been thinking what is the lipstick I’ve been reaching out for the most, and I’ve realize I always go for the same one. I know as soon as I say this a lot of you will think I’m crazy –which is true-, but I still haven’t found a red lipstick that suits me. Actually, I feel like red lips are not made for me..

Anyways, this has not stopped me from wearing it. And the one I’ve been going for is Yves Rocher luminelle’s colors in the shade Corail (nº22). As the name suggest, is a coral-y colour that is perfect for summer but I wear it all the time. It goes smooth when applied, and you can kind of build it up if you want to go for a bold lip or if you prefer something more subtle, you can just dab it for a bit of colour. Its lasting power is not the best of it but I don’t even care, cause love sometimes is blind..


Please, ignore my veins in the image above and try to just focus on the marvellous colour that Corail is. Don’t you just wish it was summer all year? Except Christmas season. Christmas without cold is like Halloween without pumpkin. Just no.

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