Essence Nail Polish Collection: Favourites


You will probably know by now that I don’t practically own any nail polish that is not from Essence (quite ridiculous considering I’m supposed to be a beauty blogger). But when it comes to nail varnishes I just can’t help but have an inside war between my needs and my wallet every time I go shopping.. Is not that I wouldn’t love to own Essie lacquers (Wicked will forever be on my shopping list), but spending 11€ hurts too much –please note that I might purchase one in the future, hopefully when I am successful and rich.

Back to Essence, their lacquers are amazing and have no reason to envy other high end brands. Also, they have a very good offer of colours and every season they launch limited edition collections. Mostly, my polish stash is full of pinks, reds and earthy tones. Every then and now you may also see some glitter, but warm colours are my thing because for some reason my nails look awful in blues and greens. Also, I have a serious problem with reds, which have this kind of gravitational force that always attracts me to them.

From left to right there is absolute Absolute Pure, a simple top coat that give your nails a mega shine (the kind of mani I like). Then there’s Wild White Ways, a pure white I raved about some time ago and that has been my go to colour this summer. Along with pastels, Sweet As Candy fills the category of the pinks, sheer enough to give your nails some colour without being too in the face. Onto my two most worn colours, Dare It Nude is a rusty neutral with pink undertones that looks amazing anytime. Last but not least, Do You Speak Love?, the one that I would take with me if I went to a dessert island. A one coat deep red that makes my hands look chic and sophisticated every time I use it.

Here you go, my Essence nail polish collection which is not even all of it –winter is coming and glitter is awaiting its turn..

3 thoughts on “Essence Nail Polish Collection: Favourites

  1. Selena says:

    I love those shades, all of them look really beautiful. I’ve never tried any Essence nail polishes, but I gave two of them as a present for my best friend ans she told me they were really nice! Maybe I should try them, and that dark shade looks like an amazing starting point haha.
    Have an amazing day, lovely xx

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