Another Use For Shimmery Eye Shadow


You know what’s better than finding a good makeup product? A good multitasking product. These are one of a kind, and but when they appear, they can change the whole play. One of my recent discoveries has been the Maybelline’s Color Show Eyeshadow in Lustruous Beige, a total beaut..


I picked it up on a three for two offer at Boots back when I was still living in Belfast but I haven’t quite made a use of it until now. It has been my go to eye look these days and I’m basically obsessed with it. A champagne-y colour that gives you a little something on the eyes without being too much –see it swatched above. The packaging is not the sleekest and I’d say the name is not the most accurate (is more champagne than beige), but here’s the best part of it. As it is quite sheer when blended, it looks beautiful when used as a highlighter. Shocking, right? I like to pop a little bit on my check bones, the bridge of my nose, on the cupids bow and pretty much anywhere ‘cause every time I try to highlight I never know when to stop –anyone can relate? However, don’t worry. There are no chances of going over the top with it as it is very subtle (and in case I find that I’m looking like an 80s disco ball I just blend it with a Real Techniques buffing brush or my finger, whichever is closer).

What is your go to multitasking beauty product?

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