The Weekender #16: About Babies And Summery Days


So this week has been incredibly crazy! I’ve been working full mode as a babysitter, and I forgot how exhausting it is to take care of three children..

Luckily enough, both the older siblings have started school so I’ve been just taking care of a three year old baby that is as cute as challenging. He is so daring and he’s only three! However I still manage to make him laugh from time to time, which is not easy. Also, this week I’ve changed my first diaper ever *applauses* – he doesn’t use them anymore but we had a little problem the other day which turned up in me calling my mum to ask her for advice while I couldn’t stop laughing. We then spent literally 30 minutes contemplating the cats you can see above, anything to keep him happy!

This whole situation made me think that I will be waiting a looong time before having any children of my own.. On another note, the weather has been kind of autmn-y and I’m not mad at all. Hopefully next week will be a more interesting one..

What have you been up to this week?

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