Keeping My Hair Healthy After A Chop


So last week I decided I needed a hair cut and just like that I left my mother took the scissors to give my hair a decent trim. *Disclaimer*: my mother is not a hairdresser, however, she always cuts my hair to get rid off split ends –this time she took the hairdresser’s role too seroiusly. I’ve always been a huge advocate of long hair but the past few months my hair was looking very messy, dry and in need of a cut. And I’ve never been happier to have short hair –what’s wrong with me? It feels soft, has more volume, dries faster and I can definitely work with it better than with my long hair..

It’s almost a long bob, no layers involved with just a bit of definition around my face to make it look more interesting. Never thought I would have my hair this short again, but can’t help but love it. Now all I can think about is how to keep it this way forever, so let me share with you some of my tips for a healthy looking brand new cut hair..

1. Don’t use heat. As a norm, I usually never use straighteners. I just straighten my bangs because otherwise I look like a crazy cat lady without the cats, but that’s all. In winter I do use a hair dryer just to get rid of the dampness, but as soon as it gets hot enough I let my hair dry free and naturally.

2. I never (ever) use elastic bands. Never. Instead, I use hair clips. These from H&M are my absolutely favourites.

3. By no means I brush my hair while wet. Wet hair is more fragile and prone to breaking, that’s why I always brush my hair before going into the shower and after I blow-dry.

4. Always do any change of colour at a professional’s. Whether you agree or not, a hairdresser knows more than you do about hair dyes.

5. Don’t wrap your hair in a towel. This will cause breaking and will ease frizziness.

That’s all I got for now as far as keeping your hair looking gooood. Brb while I keep touching my hair. Too soft to handle..

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