The Weekender #15: First Blog Collab, Working and New Projects


First week of September DONE. To be honest, it has not been as bad as I thought. I’ve started working as a babysitter again, and while I was quite happy about it I’m afraid I cannot say the kids feel the same.. Anyways, I was eager to start working because although this holidays have been amazing I needed some serious income to recover from them!

It’s not like I’ve been spending all the money, but earning your own money for yourself is probably one of the best feelings ever –to clarify, this is like this because I still live at my parents. Another exciting thing happened this week, I wrote my FIRST EVER COLLABORATION for this blog!! I was very interested in the project, and even though it may not seem like something big it is for me. I finally feel like this blog is going places and I’m thrilled about it.

On another note, I think I should tell you about a couple of things I’ve been doing recently. Being a babysitter is not what I plan to work as all my life –neither being an English teacher- so I’ve applied for a couple of internships, one abroad and another one here in Spain. I still don’t know anything about them, if anything; the only thing I know is that I am selected in both processes. So all I can do now is cross fingers!

September has started strong, what has your first September week be like?

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