Hello September: Intentions


Not quite sure how it happened, but September is here. Summer already fells years apart and the only solution I’ve found to get over these summer blues is thinking about what it means that summer is over: a new beginning.. I feel like September is where the year really begins: back to school, back to work. I’ve seen that a lot of my fellow bloggers felt the same and I’ve been reading lots of new year intentions posts, so I decided to give it a go myself.

So, here you go, my intentions for this new year..

Blog more and better. I’m really proud of myself for keeping more or less my blog updated four days a week no matter what. What started as something casual has turned to be a part time job for me. I love blogging, but I know I have to put much more effort on it.

Master at promoting posts. I feel like this is something every blogger struggles with. I usually promote my posts on twitter, and from time to time I try to do it of Facebook. I’ve signed up on Buffer so let’s see how it goes..

Organize and Schedule. I sometimes spend days scheduling and writing posts whereas other times I just write a post the same morning to upload it straight away. I hate being so disorganized, that’s why I’ve made myself a monthly calendar because that’s what adults do.

Keep Instagram updated. I try to have my instagram updated and post a picture every time I blog. However sometimes I feel like my photos are not good enough and I decide not to post anything. I’m hoping this year I will be able to take better pictures even though the phone camera sucks.

A month full of goals and intentions.. What are yours?

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