What Is Your Most Nostalgic Memory?

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From the archives. Can you guess who is me?

A couple of weeks ago I found a very interesting mail on my inbox from Man Crates asking me about my most nostalgic memories from my childhood. They do these amazing personalized crates containing everything you ever thought of, from grooming stuff to food (you can check out all of their cool gift ideas for guys) . My memory from those beautiful years is a bit vague, but I remember well that I was a very cheerful kid I had everything I wanted –except becoming a spice girl, still working on that.. I asked my friends about it and what seem an innocent question turned out into a long conversation about dolls, 90’s films and how much we loved young Leo DiCaprio –seriously tho.


Barbie and Ken chilling.

I was never a toys kid, my sister was enough entertaining and we used to play along for hours. However, if there is one thing we both loved was Barbie’s. We literally own hundreds of them, and we would play for hours. I remember one Christmas my sister got a Barbie Vet Pet and I was kind of jealous about it –it was too cool to be true. There was also room for Ken though, and the one my parents gave both of us was the one you could shave. Yes, I know. It may be hard to believe, in fact when I told my friends about the existence of this toy they spent hours laughing about it but I swear it is real.

We both loved Polly Pockets, and I reckon we still have some of them hidden between boxes. As I said we pretty much had everything we wanted –we did not ask for much though- but the one thing we could never get our hands on was Furbys. They were so fluffy and cute we begged years for them but they were always sold out! By the way they are apparently back in stock now so I might finally have a chance..


Titanic forever.

As for films, I must admit there is no big surprise here: Cinderella was probably my most watched movie from those years. When I grew older, My girl and Titanic where probably my favourite movies. Very dramatic films for a kid now that I think.. Food wise, I was pretty simple: I loved chocolate as much as I love it now –nothing has changed. I remember my father hiding Kinder surprise eggs around my house and my sister and I would have to find them. Oh the memories! Those were really the years..

As I told you before, I also asked my friends this question, and amazing things came to light that evening. One of my friends remembered the fever we all went through with scented letters, we were so obsessed with them. And not to forget when hula hoops came to play –watching my mum trying to hula was probably the best. But not everything was laughs and happiness. What about those things we would put into a crate, but only to bury them deep down to never see them again? I’m talking sour sweets that burned your tongue ‘till it hurt and that Pokémon movie –which was probably the first movie that made me cry. Yes, that should be all gone for good.

Now, what are your most nostalgic memories?

6 thoughts on “What Is Your Most Nostalgic Memory?

  1. Selena says:

    Uhm, a tough question. I think that my most nostalgic moment was when played Playmobil with my parents! I loved it!
    Nice post, I like your moment btw! Have a nice day xx


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