Back To School Stationery


You know you have a problem with notepads and stationery in general when you get excited when back to school season is here even though it has been ages since you finished school. Yeah, that me. I could easily spent hours and hours wandering through stationery supplies and never get bored..  This is even worst when scrapbooking comes to play because let’s be honest, plain notebooks aren’t as interesting as a handmade items and they have that je ne sais pas that catches me every. single. time. I’m lucky enough to have a friend whose mum is a pro at this scrapbooking thing and every once in a while she gives us some of her works..

These two were for my sister and I. It was love at first sight, they are absolutely beautiful and they are all handmade. I love the colours and for once neither my sister nor I argued about which one we liked better –like this never happens. You can see more about her work on her blog, she is now accepting orders!

I can’t wait to use them, although I know start to get that feeling when things are too new and nice to be used..

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