The Weekender #14: Dying My Hair, Holidays and Last Weekend Of August

BeFunky Collage

Right now I’m sitting write in front of my computer while writing the last weekender of august and I can’t help but feel rather sad. Summer is coming to an end *sobs* and I feel like it has been too short! Sure we all feel the same, summer blues are right around the corner I’m afraid but well, exiting things are coming in september so not everything is that bad..

This week I finally died my hair and got rid of the golden highlights I got one summer ago. I never really liked them anyways, but for the last few months my hair was looking worst than ever. I saw a post from Anna in which she used L’Oreal Casting Cream Gloss non permanent hair colour so I thought I’d give it ago since it doesn’t have ammoniac and I’m too lazy to go to the hairdresser. I used the same shade as hair, Chocolate, because I just wanted to dye those hideous hazel highlights. And the results were amazing. The previous colour is gone and now instead my hair has some very natural mahogany reflects that I’m in love with.

This week has been Bilbao’s Big Festivities Week and I’ve been out and about with friends enjoying the good weather and concerts. A very good friend of mine came to visit on Thursday and we had such a good night! I keep doing the same mistakes over and over again though, I’m such a fail..

On a quick note, I just wanted to share with you that working time has arrived and I start next week. Anyone up to run away wherever? I let you chose!

What have you done this weekend?

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