DIY: Magazine Basket Renewal

BeFunky Collage

I’ve already written many posts about how much I love magazines and what is worst: how I keep collecting them without thinking it twice. My mum bought me a very cute basket so I could carry on with this unhealthy habit of mine, and I thought it was da bomb. A wooden basket with a cute baby blue and white lining which had a bow on top that matched perfectly with our living room. Now I loved it like this, but my mum wanted a change so we decided to change its look a little bit..

We didn’t do much, just a few coats of red acrylic paint were enough to upgrade the magazine holder. I must say we argued a little bit about the colour as I wanted to paint it silver –but it finally didn’t work out. It was the easiest thing ever, we just made sure the paint was dry before adding another coat and we didn’t get paint anywhere as turpentine is needed to remove it. It wasn’t that big of a makeover, but hey, at least we were entertained on a rainy summer evening..

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